The Robert and Helen Remick
Charitable Foundation Trust

Focus Statement

The trustees of the Robert and Helen Remick Charitable Foundation Trust make awards reflecting the lifelong interests and concerns of the trust founders. The Remicks supported groups and endeavors that assisted young people and persons-in-crisis in Cottonwood and Jackson counties and nearby areas. The Remicks also believed lively and unique expressions of creativity benefited communities.

Applicants must be tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the 1986 Internal Revenue Code and must submit a written application to be considered for a grant. The Minnesota Common Grant Application is acceptable.

The trustees only rarely make multi-year awards. Typically, if an applicant is seeking an award for more than one year, the trustees will make an initial award and encourage the applicant to seek renewal by submitting an informal report outlining the progress made toward the original grant goals and including a financial statement setting out the use of the funds.  Grants generally range from $1,000 to $10,000.

The trustees reserve the complete and absolute discretion to impose additional requirements before making an initial or renewal grant. Site visits may be part of the evaluation process. An award or grant shall never be considered a promise or guarantee of a future award or grant.


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The Robert and Helen Remick Charitable Foundation Trust
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